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    Product Introduction
    Ultra-clean equipment is a device to solve air purification, and ultra-clean workbench is an important equipment to clean the local working environment.
    The ultra-clean workbench produced by our company adopts secondary air filtration and has high cleanliness. In the 105-level work area or laboratory, the effective working area of purification is up to 100-level (that is, the dust particles of 0.3-0.5 microns are less than three). The superclean bench has a compact structure and good strength, which is convenient for eliminating corners in the working area, and the surrounding area is smooth, which is not easy to accumulate dust and bacteria.
    Product Specification
    Product name Superclean bench
    Filter Effect Dust particles 鈮?.3-0.5 microns are less than three per liter
    Shock The work surface is not more than 5 microns
    Wind Speed 0.25~0.45m/s
    Noise First gear noise 鈮?65 decibels
    Work area sterile 30 minutes after starting the UV light pipe, the work area can be sterile
    Operating Voltage AC220V卤10% 50Hz
    Motor Power 300W
    Size 88x64x172mm
    Product feature and application
    So far, superclean bench has been used in electronic precision machinery work mainly focusing on dust control and agriculture, teaching experiments, medical and health care mainly focusing on dust and bacteria control.
    Maintenance and precautions
    1. According to the environmental cleaning procedure, remove and clean the primary filter regularly, and the interval is generally 4-6 months.
    2. If the wind speed in the working area does not reach 0.25 m/s, the high-efficiency air filter must be replaced.
    3. To replace the high-efficiency filter, the upper cover of the chassis can be opened. When replacing, pay attention to the arrow mark of the high-efficiency filter, and the arrow points to the laminar flow direction.
    4. The primary filter adopts the treated nylon filter screen, which is installed at the air inlet with a metal mesh frame.
    5. The electrical part includes controllers, fans, and lights. If the appliance fails, the top cover can be opened for repairs.
    6. After the repair is completed, the pollution should be cleaned up, and the fan should be started to check the leakage and air flow. It can be put into operation when there is no fault.
    7. Be very careful when handling to avoid impact and damage.

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